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Columbia Building Demolition Opposition

On June 9, 2011 the Cleveland Landmarks Commission voted 4-3 to allow the demolition of the downtown Cleveland landmark Columbia Building, 112 Prospect Avenue (Columbia Building Case 11-031). The site is to be used as part of the Rock Ohio Caesars Casino welcome center and parking garage.

An alternative scheme was submitted by Rakauskas Architecture and was in the hands of the Commission before the hearing. John Rakauskas was the last to present his opposition to the demolition but the Commission did not want to hear about an alternate scheme even though that was the purported reason for the rescheduling of the hearing. The Rakauskas scheme was primarily intended to show that there still were possibilities to consider that did not involve demolition of the Columbia Building. Rakauskas, based on an assessment of information presented, did present the “tough love” viewpoint that the Stanley Building, which is not contributing to Lower Prospect, should be demolished in lieu of the Columbia. That might result, through further study, to allow all significant automobile ingress and egress to be off Ontario, which is not pedestrian oriented, in lieu of Prospect.

Opposition and alternative scheme submitted by Rakauskas Architecture:

Letter to the Landmarks Commission
Alternate Casino Valet Parking
Valet Garage and Bridge from South
Valet Garage and Bridge from Southeast

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